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We are your ally in foreign trade

We provide the best advice for the incursion in foreign trade, as well as the opening to new markets, among our most requested services, we present:

Would you like to reduce the production costs of your products and increase your profit?

One of the best ways to reduce the production costs is to obtain raw materials and consumer goods at more competitive prices without sacrifice the quality

It’s well known that the production costs are different from country to country becuase of following factors:

  • Exchange rate of the local currency
  • Life cost in different countries
  • Labour cost and raw materials are cheaper in developing countries
  • Less taxes and antidumping rates

All this means important savings for the enterpreneur

Global Sourcing is a purchasing key strategy that significatively enlarge the range of negotiation process with companies that are operating in other countries.

Today you have the possibility to Access to a global market where you can get all kind of consumer goods and raw materials for making your products at a much lower Price improving your profit.

But be careful!

If you don’t speak the language, don’t know the local market, don’t have the possibility to travel or you don’t know how to investigate about the reliability of each supplier, you could be an easy target for the swindlers

In Fantasta’ World Trading we are there to help you

The main task of our Global Sourcing service is to find the best world suppliers for our customers, guaranteeing reliability, high quality standards and cheaper prices.

One of our main strenght is the wide database of suppliers operating in different sectors, industry field and región, in which are included: China, India, Pakistan, Thailand, Mexico and East Europe.

Advice and consultancy in opening international markets and other services related to the internationalization of your product, such as market research, commercial agents, marketing, inspection of processes and facilities, etc.

We have customs agent’s experts in export and import in the European Union, China and LA.

Our services are including

Product sourcing

We’re specialized in sourcing of any kind of product worldwide, mainly we major in textile, promotional and food fields.

Factories visits and inspections

We help you to find the supplier who can satisfy all the requirements that your quality standards need. We treat all information confidentially.

Pre shipment inspections

We check the final quality of the goods in order to avoid the risk to receive what you didn’t order. We control carefully the characteristics of the ordered product.

We take you to visit factories and trade fairs

In China and in Germany are organized the most important important trade fairs of the world, if you wish to travel in any of these countries for taking part to a show or to visit a Factory we can help you with:Research of the fair or exhibition related to your main business, Translation and interpretership, Prices negotiantions.

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